Pink Diamond fancy Engagement Rings & high end bling jewellery

Whatever the reason, there is no denying that pink diamond engagement rings are quite spectacular, and not only that, so is their price!

Pink diamond rings are so much more expensive than the equivalent white diamond in the same ring, so you better have a pretty extreme budget if you plan on buying one.

pink diamond engagement rings

Check out this vivid fancy teardrop pear pink diamond (above) that sold at Sotheby’s back in 2006 for $6.2 million. Now that’s a ring!!!

Pink diamond engagement rings, or more specifically pink diamonds, are the most popular color of all the fancy diamonds.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that pink is a variation of red and represents love or that natural red diamonds are the rarest and most expensive of all.

Or perhaps it’s because the color pink is traditionally thought of as the most feminine color. It might also have to do with the 6.1 carat pink diamond Jennifer Lopez received as an engagement ring from Ben Affleck, or the $1.8 million pink diamond ring that David Beckham bought his wife as an attempt to make up for his public indiscretion.

They aren’t exactly sure what gives the pink diamond its color but they suspect it has to do with pressure down below the earth’s surface. Whatever the cause, a pink diamond ring is absolutely amazing and something most of us can only dream about owning.

Most of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia and each has a laser inscription that identifies its authenticity and origin and have sold for up to a magic million a carat. These diamonds are so rare that they expect the supply of the mine to run out within the next decade or so.

According to this article in The Australian “Supply is expected to dry up by 2019, making them up to 50 times more valuable than an equivalent white diamond.”

While a few hundred years ago pink diamonds were found in India, Brazil and Tanzania, today Australia produces about 95 percent of the world’s supply. So time is running out for those of you who will settle for nothing less than “natural” pink diamond engagement rings.

The GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) classifications for the most common pink diamond color groups range from purplish-pink, pink, to orange-pink. Natural fancy diamonds should always come with a GIA standard diamond grading report and a special  GIA Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report, which is basically a color report and identifies the nature of the color and pink color grade.

Color Enhanced Pink Diamonds:

pink diamond ring

Like all the other fancy colored diamonds, gemologists have been able to replicate the pink color (at least to some extent) in a laboratory using genuine white diamonds, irradiation, and heat pressure. These are real diamonds that have been enhanced by man and are pink to the eye. They are not a natural pink diamond and therefore much more affordable.

Synthetic Pink Diamonds (Lab Created, Man-Made Diamonds)

Synthetic here refers to the process rather than the stone because the final product contains the characteristic diamond crystal composition from actual carbon atoms—in other words, it’s a real diamond.

The diamonds are grown in a lab under conditions which simulate the processes of nature that form a diamond. So you end up with a stone that has all the properties of a real diamond without taking hundreds of years to form. They can be made to resemble all the most popular fancy colors including the much coveted pink.

Pink diamond engagement rings are rare and expensive because a genuine natural pink diamond is one of the rarest things found on earth. If your budget won’t allow for the real thing, consider the gemologist enhanced variety or one of the other precious beautiful gemstones that will give you the look you want at just a fraction of the cost.

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha