BRW Rich Families – 2015-Australia

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Henry Sapiecha

When it comes to making serious money, college might be overrated.

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Male “technopreneurs” dominate a list compiled by Wealth-X of the richest people under 40, which also features several college dropouts and one that didn’t even bother to attend university.

Facebook (FB, Tech30) boss Mark Zuckerberg claims the top spot, and at $35.1 billion, his fortune far outstrips the rest on the list.

The social networking site has provided the world’s most fertile ground for young billionaires.

Nearly half of top 10 were early players in Facebook: In addition to Zuckerberg, rankings go to Dustin Moskovitz, Sean Parker and Eduardo Saverin.

Harvard dropout Moskovitz is worth $7.7 billion, while Parker — who was Facebook’s first president and also co-founded Napster — didn’t bother with college. He’s now worth $5.2 billion.

Back in 2012 Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship before the company he co-founded went public. The Brazilian native denied the move was for tax reasons, but it was likely to have reduced the hefty tax bill tied to the sale of his Facebook shares.

The blockbuster success of Facebook also helped create billionaire no. 3: WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum. The messaging platform was snapped up by Facebook for $19 billion in 2014.

Living on welfare and food stamps after emigrating to the U.S. from the Ukraine as a teenager, Koum’s is a classic rags-to- riches tale. He “barely graduated” from high school and dropped out of San Jose State University. Then in 2009, the one-time security tester transformed the international text messaging market with WhatsApp, a service that last year was growing its user base by 1 million people a day.

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Just two women make the list.

Chinese real estate heiress Yang Huiyan comes in at no. 6, with net worth of $5.1 billion which makes Asia’s richest woman.

Biotech entrepreneur and college dropout Elizabeth Holmes claims the 8th spot, worth $4.5 billion. America’s youngest female billionaire left Stanford University at 19 with a plan to start her own company. Her firm Theranos has taken on the massive laboratory-diagnostic industry by performing fast and less invasive blood tests, and has the potential to change health care for millions of Americans.

Biotech entrepreneur and college dropout Elizabeth Holmes -image

Like Holmes, most on the list were self-made. The U.S. is the home to the bulk of young billionaires, while emerging economies China, India and Brazil each claim one place in the top 10. –
Henry Sapiecha

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Henry Sapiecha

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1. (60 globally) Vladimir Potanin – [Russia] – $15.4 billion ($12.6 billion in 2014)

Potanin has shot up the rankings from last year, being one of the few miners to come out ahead despite the downturn. Last year he was ranked 86th globally, and only at number 7 in regards to mining.

He is now also the richest person in Russia.

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2.(71 globally) Alisher Usmanov – [Russia/Uzbekistan] – $14.4 billion ($18.6 billion in 2014)

Usmanov has been unseated from his top position last year after recording a 22 per cent drop in his wealth year on year. He also slipped significantly in global rankings, after coming in 40th last year.

This also means he is now no longer the richest person in Russia, slipping to third.

Usmanov, like many Russian and former Soviet oligarchs, built his fortune in mining operations.

He runs USM, holding 100% voting rights in the company, and is the co-owner of Metalloinvest, which owns metal and mining businesses such as Lebedinksy GOK and Ural steel mills.

Usmanov also holds a large stake in underwater mining company Nautilus Minerals, which holds exploration tenements off Papua New Guinea.

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3.(77 globally) German Larrea Mota Velasco  – [Mexico] – $13.9 billion ($14.7 billion in 2014)

Velasco has recorded the third consecutive drop in his revenues year on year, although his wealth stating relatively stable compared to the rest of the sector, which contributed to his rising in the rankings from 6th to third for mining, although he did fall from 67th to 77th globally.

German Lerrea Mota-Velasco is the head of Grupo Mexico, the largest mining corporation in Mexico and the third largest copper producer in the world.

Through its subsidiary, Southern Copper, it has the largest copper reserves in the world

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4. (82 globally) Iris Fontbana – [Chile] – $13.5 billion ($15.5 billion in 2014)

In a similar fashion to Velasco, a relatively small drop in wealth has seen Fontbana retreat down the global list from 58th last year, but actually ascend the mining list from 5th position in 2014.

Iris Fontbona is the widow of Antonio Luksic, who is the founder of the Luksic Group.

Similar to GroupoBAL, Luksic holds a number of interests in different areas, but predominantly in mining. The group has major holdings in Antofagasta, the UK listed copper miner.

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5.(82 globally) Lakshmi Mittal – [India] – $13.5 billion ($16.7 billion in 2014)

The only Indian on the list, Mittal’s fortunes have been hit particularly hard, with his wealth more than halving in the last four years.

Mittal came in third for mining, and 52nd globally last year.

Mittal is the chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal, the largest steel manufacturer in the world.

He opened his first steel mill in Indonesia at the age of 26 and has gone from strength to relative strength since.

Coming off a high of $31.1 billion in 2011, Mittal has seen his fortunes dwindle as the demand for steel shrinks.

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6.(89 globally) Alexei Mordashov – [ Russia] – $13 billion ($10.5 billion in 2014)

Mordashov is another Russian who has fared well over the last year in spite of the spiralling rouble. Last year he snuck into the list in 10th place, and sat at 111th, globally.

Like a number of Russian and East European billionaires, Mordashov made his money during the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Whilst working for Cherepovetsky Metallurgical Plant he bought a major stake in the factory when it was privatised. He later became a general director of the business and went to build the conglomerate Severstal, acquiring coal and mining companies. His wealth grew in spite of the  selling off his North American steel plants to the Renco Group for $1.2 billion, less than half of what he paid for them only three years ago.

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7.(94 globally) Gina Rinehart – [Australia] – $12.5 billion ($17.7 billion in 2014)

The only Australian on this list, Rinehart’s fortunes have slipped significantly, by close to a third, in the wake of the tumbling iron ore price. Last year she came in second for mining, and 46th globally.

Despite this she is still Australia’s richest person.

While many believe Gina inherited much of her wealth from her father’s company and operations through Hancock Prospecting, when she assumed the chair of HPPL the company was actually found to be in serious debt.

According to the company “much of Rinehart’s wealth has been generated since her executive chairmanship commenced in 1992″.

This was done through the development of the Hope Downs iron ore project, the acquisition and development of the Roy Hill project, and its Queensland coal interests,” which all took place under Mrs. Rinehart’s executive chairmanship,”Hancock Prospecting said.

The company owns swathes of extremely prospective iron ore tenements throughout the Pilbara, which is now being transformed into the massive Roy Hill mine.

Rinehart also shares in the profits generated by the Hope Downs mine, and also has major stakes in the Alpha Coal and Kevin’s Corner coal project in the Galilee Basin.

A heavily dramatised version of her life recently appeared on T.V., of which we will say no more.

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8. (107 globally) Vladimir Lisin – [Russia] – $11.6 billion ($16.6 billion in 2014)

Lisin has dropped down the rankings dramatically, falling from fourth in mining, and 53rd globally, last year.

A Russian steel tycoon, Lisin a one of the world’s leading authorities on metallurgy, and holds a number of patents on metallurgical processes.

In a similar vein to Australia’s own Nathan Tinkler, (although much more successful) Lisin started at the bottom, working as a mechanic at a Soviet coal mine, working his way through the ranks to become a deputy chief engineer.

Thanks to tenacious trading, which gained him a large share of the nation’s steel and mining industry following Soviet collapse, eventually becoming the sole owner of Novolipetsk Steel in 22000.

He has been a director of Norilsk Nickel since 2002.

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9.(121 globally) Alberto Bailleros Gonzalez – [Mexico] – $10.4 billion ($12.4 billion in 2014)

Demonstrating the fading fortunes of many mining magnates, while Gonzalez has remained stable at ninth position on the mining billionaires list, he has dropped significantly down the global list, falling from 90th last year.

Gonzalez owns a holding company called GroupoBAL, which amongst other things runs Penoles, which is the world’s largest producer of refined silver and bismuth, as well as Latin America’s largest producer of lead and zinc.

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10.(125 globally) Wang Wenyin – [China] – $9.9 billion

Wenyin is a newcomer to the mining top ten list, and the only Chinese citizen.

He has charged up the global rankings, rising from 354th last year to his new position just outside of the top 100, demonstrating the significant newfound wealth in China.

He is the chair of the Amer International Group. Which produce cable and copper products, and holds interests in a number of copper mines based in China’s Jiangxi Province.

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Henry Sapiecha

BRW Young Rich 2014:

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1, 2… Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar

BRW Young Rich 2014: 1, 2. Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Photo: Aaron Forman


LAST YEAR: $550 MILLION (1, 2)



Self-made tech entrepreneurs Scott Farquhar (left) and Mike Cannon-Brookes (right) top this year’s Young Rich with its only billion-dollar fortune. The business partners and long-time friends are co-founders and majority shareholders of Atlassian, which makes software that helps companies track operational efficiencies. Clients include NASA, Microsoft and Facebook. The pair met in 1998 when they landed the same University of NSW scholarship for business IT. They started Atlassian in 2002 with a $10,000 credit card loan after Cannon-Brookes sent an email to classmates stating he was bored with studying. Farquhar was the only one to respond. Atlassian got its first outside investment in 2010 when US venture capital firm Accel Partners paid $US60 million for a 20 per cent stake. The second came in April this year when T Rowe Price and Dragoneer Investment Capital paid $US150 million for a 6 per cent stake, valuing the company at about $US3.3 billion. Farquhar and Cannon-Brookes still own about two-thirds of Atlassian, which is expected to list on a US stock exchange at some stage. Cannon-Brookes still wears his trademark T-shirt and baseball cap but has started to accrue a few trappings of wealth, with a weekend house in Sydney’s Palm Beach and a Tesla electric car. Farquhar still drives an old Subaru but has splurged on a personal trainer.

NOW READ: Full profile on Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar.


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3, 4… David Greiner and Ben Richardson

BRW Young Rich 2014 3, 4. David Greiner and Ben Richardson<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />





Friends since the age of five, Dave Greiner (right) and Ben Richardson (left) started a web consultancy business in 1999 while still at the University of Wollongong. Five years later it had morphed into Campaign Monitor, a service that allows businesses to design and send marketing emails en masse at 1¢ a message. The price has remained unchanged but the value of Campaign Monitor rose sharply this year when Insight Venture Partners injected $US250 million into it. Sending in excess of 1.5 billion emails each month, Campaign Monitor has been profitable since day one. It generated more than $57 million in revenue last financial year. Greiner is also an investor in Blackbird Ventures, an Australian venture capital company.


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5… Simon Clausen

BRW Young Rich 2014: 5. Simon Clausen<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Photo: Louise Kennerley





Simon Clausen is a Swiss-based technology entrepreneur who has been on the Young Rich since 2008 when US-listed giant Symantec bought his security software company PC Tools for $300 million. Clausen left Symantec in 2009 and subsequently founded Startive Ventures, a boutique venture capital fund and start-up incubator with investments in companies such as Freelancer, Digital Trends, Juwai, Rome2Rio and Zoomy.  Clausen is a big investor in listed outsourcer Freelancer and he bought more of its shares this year. He owns a large property portfolio in Sydney.


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6… Ruslan Kogan





The online retail juggernaut continues, with brash entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan continuing his challenge to the traditional bricks-and-mortar retail giants by expanding into new private label brands. The firm, most well known for selling electrical and computing goods, has expanded into sporting, camping/outdoors and homewares through new private brands Fortis, Komodo and Ovela. Kogan started his online empire selling TVs out of his parent’s garage in 2006. Revenue is now more than $200 million per year, with Kogan using a combination of information technology, market analysis, logistics and efficiency to minimise costs and sell at least least 10,000 different line items. Kogan also owns a stake in online furniture store Milan Direct.


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7… Patrick Grove

BRW Young Rich 2014: 7. Patrick Grove<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Photo: Josh Robenstone





Patrick Grove is CEO and major shareholder of Catcha Group, a privately owned international investment firm controlling a number of private and publicly listed media, new media, online classifieds and e-commerce companies. Its portfolio includes iProperty Group, iCar Asia and iBuy Group, shares in each of which have risen rapidly in the past 12 months. Catcha also owns a big stake in the Malaysian listed REV Asia Berhad and has stakes in property portals in the Middle East and Pakistan. A chartered accountant by trade, Grove left Arthur Andersen in 1999 and co-founded Catcha later that year.


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8…Owen Kerr





Owen Kerr is the co-founder of online retail foreign exchange broker Pepperstone. Kerr met his business partner Joe Davenport in 2009 and established Pepperstone the following year (Davenport holds a United Kingdom passport). Kerr graduated from Monash University with a bachelor degree of business systems in 2005. Before statring Pepperstone, he worked at accounting firm PwC and Bastia Asset Managment. Kerr was part of a big story earlier this year when he detected a link between some trading and the release of Australian Bureau of Statistics state, that led to charges of insider trading. Pepperstone has offices in Melbourne, Shanghai, Dallas and Odessa. An stockmarket listing is expected later in the year


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9…Hezi Leibovich





Hezi Leibovich’s The Catch Group, co-founded by Hezi and older brother Gabby in 2006, keeps growing at a fast pace. Revenue rose more than 50 per in the past to about $350 million. The business began with online retail website CatchOfTheDay offering discounted daily deals, with James Packer part of a consortium that paid $80 million for 40 per cent in 2011. It now has seven different sites, including, group-buying site Scoopon, supermarket site GroceryRun, fast food delivery service EatNow and homeware site West Avenue. A sporting goods deal website is also planned. Leibovich is optimistic about the group’s future growth. “Eight years on I am proud of our successes. We have built a sustainable and profitable business that is here for the long term where shareholders and staff can benefit.”


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10, 11…Gavin Fernandez and George Nakas





Gavin Fernandez debuted on the Young Rich last year following the sale of True Value Solar to German engineering company M+W. He and business partner George Nakas also owned a second energy venture, LEDified Lighting Corp, which they sold to its management last year. That deal allowed the pair to focus on their automotive businesses. They sell luxury and classic sports cars to the wholesale and retail markets through their James Lane Motors, Dutton Wholesale and brands.

* Includes new information on car business.

** Fernandez only. Nakas debuts this year.


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12, 13…Ivan Brown and Atkinson Charan





Ivan Brown and Atkinson Charan are majority owners of Community Training Initiatives, set up four years ago to capitalise on deregulation in the state-funded vocational training industry. CTI, of which Brown is chief executive, is part of a wave of education firms that have caught the eye of investors, with parent company Australian Careers Network Group set for a sharemarket listing. In an attempt to grow awareness, CTI is sponsoring teams including the Melbourne Victory A-League football team, the National Basketball League’s Melbourne United and the Australian women’s softball team.


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14,15…Mitchell Harper and Eddie Machaalani

BRW Young Rich 2014: 14,15. Mitchell Harper and Eddie Machaalani<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Photo: Nic Walker





Mitchell Harper (right) and Eddie Machaalani (left)
co-founded Bigcommerce, an
e-commerce platform that allows small to medium businesses to set up their own online store. It has created more than 50,000 of them in 137 countries and eBay has agreed to migrate 10,000 of its merchants to Bigcommerce by next February. Established in 2009, Bigcommerce has since received $US75 million in venture capital. Machaalani has said he does not intend for the company to become profitable for another five years. He met Harper via an internet chat room in 2003, with the pair starting their first online company Interspire a year later. Bigcommerce targeted Google and Facebook workers earlier this year, offering free poached egg breakfast sandwiches to those waiting for their employer’s shuttle buses. The campaign led to a big increase in job applications.


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Henry Sapiecha


Yoshikazu Tanaka

Yoshikazu_Tanaka_ image

At the tender age of 36, Yoshikazu Tanaka has created a $1.2 billion fortune for himself through founding the social networking game operator GREE and snapping up a host of mega gaming companies. Despite coming up against stiff competition over the last few years as a result of newcomers to the scene including Apple’s App Store and Google Play, Tanaka has managed to keep the yen rolling in by increasing his staff to boost mobile game development and to introduce more titles. Dark and brooding, Tanaka’s power over the Japanese play market earns him a place on our sexiest billionaires list.

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Scott Duncan


Further to a secretive billiuonaire & his (probably designer) hat. US-based Scott Duncan, 31, is America’s youngest billionaire to have inherited his wealth, setting him apart from the tech junkies so prevalent on today’s rich lists. Rumoured to be worth an astounding $6.7 billion, Duncan is heir to his late father Dan Duncan’s energy pipeline empire, Enterprise Products Partners, along with his four siblings. Duncan’s worth has soared in recent years as the firm’s stock has increased exponentially due to high demand for natural oil, gas and petrochemical pipelines. The company currently owns almost 51,000 miles of priceless pipeline, and the Duncan four’s bank balances continue to grow as a result. As of the end of last year, Forbes named Duncan as the 77th richest person in the world. Duncan is said to be single and reside in Houston, Texas, but is so secretive that the true details of his personal life are anyone’s guess.

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Eduardo Saverin


Let’s start with a self-made man and the co-founder of a social networking site you may possibly have heard of – Facebook anyone? Born in Brazil, Eduardo Saverin, 31, is said to have a personal fortune of $4.2 billion. He now lives in Singapore after renouncing his US citizenship in 2012 and his fortune continues to grow. He added a cool $1.6 billion to his net worth since August of last year, thanks to the soaring value of Facebook shares. But he is so much more than a pretty face – Saverin now spends his time investing in start-up businesses, such as mobile shopping app ShopSavvy and credit card validation firm, Jumio. He told a Wall Street Journal conference held in Singapore last year that his aim was not to create another Facebook but rather to ensure that what he does next is “fulfilling”. Said to be single, Saverin has been described as the “handsome geek” of the internet – and what more could you ask for than that?

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Nathaniel Rothschild

Another top contender for handsome rich billionaires is a true blue Brit with one of the best pedigrees around. Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, 40, of the famous banking dynasty, is officially said to be worth around $2 billion, although rumour has it that he has $100 billion squirrelled away in overseas banks. Born into money, Rothschild attended one of England’s most exclusive prep schools, Eton, before honing his skills at Oxford University. Not only has he dated a supermodel – Petra Nemcova – and a Hollywood A-lister – Natalie Portman – Rothschild has even stepped out with royalty on his arm, once dating Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin. Married once, he is now said to be single and continues to boost his bank balance through canny investments in commodities.

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Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila


Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila hails from the richest family in Columbia and is said to have a personal worth of around $15 billion. He inherited a fortune following the 2011 death of his father, the beer tycoon Julio Mario Santo Domingo Pumarejo. The privately held Santo Domingo Group own a 15 per cent stake in SABMiller, the second biggest global brewer, and that alone is said to be worth around $10 billion. The group also owns a host of other companies, which are shared between Alejandro and his brother Andres. With film-star good looks, the tall, dark and handsome Alejandro now works as a managing director at a New York-based investment firm. As if that wasn’t enough, this billionaire is also a culture vulture – he sits on the board of the Metropolitan Museum of Art – and a charitable soul, appearing on the Board of Directors of the biggest bone marrow donor centre in the world, DKMS Americas. Be still my beating heart.

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Jack Dorsey


Jack Dorsey has got 140 characters to thank for his fortune, estimated to be around the $1.9 billion mark. The co-founder of hit social media site Twitter, as well as mobile credit card payment solution Square, Dorsey, 37, resides in the US. Dropping out of NYU in 1999 and boasting a number of tattoos, this bad boy billionaire enjoys punk music and is also a certified masseur. Despite his early success, this brooding bachelor wants more – he’s even shown interest in becoming the next Mayor of New York City.

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Prince Albert

prince albert royal billionaire image

Rich and royal – what a combination. Named as one of Forbes Magazine’s ’20 hottest young royals’ back in 2008, German-born Prince Albert II Maria Lamoral Miguel Johannes Gabriel of Thurn and Taxis is said to be worth $1.5 billion. The 30-year old first appeared on Forbes’ rich list when he was just eight years old, and officially inherited his fortune when he turned 18. He is now the proud owner of assets including a 36,000-hectare woodland in Germany, real estate, art and one of the largest forest holdings in Europe. Said to be single, what he lacks in hair he makes up for in intelligence – he has a bachelor’s degree in theology and economics and a master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh.

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Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi


Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi, the eldest son of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, and her second husband Stefano Casiraghi, has a pedigree to die for. Grandson of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco and US actress Grace Kelly, Andrea currently sits second in line to the Monégasque throne. Born in 1984, Andrea broke the hearts of woman across the globe when he tied the knot with his girlfriend of eight years, Tatiana Santo Domingo, last year. He is now a father to baby Sacha. His long blonde locks and glamorous family earn him a place on Billionaires’ list, not to mention the fact that Andrea is also due to inherit the principality of Monaco as well as a fortune estimated at around $2 billion.

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Igho Charles Sanomi II


Nigeria’s Igho Charles Sanomi II is a self-made billionaire with a fortune in the region of $1.6 billion. He rose through the ranks at Sarian Oil and Cosmos Oil AG, developing strategic alliances that help to keep the businesses booming. He also oversaw the import and export of millions of tons of refined petroleum products to and from the West African coast. He is now CEO of the Taleveras Group, which he founded in 2004 and, as well as oil, is also known for his successful forays into telecoms, aviation and real estate. Igho is one of the highest profile men in Africa and is also a trained engineer and philanthropist, as well as being an all-round good egg. His charitable work includes helping to fund the rescue of thousands of people displaced by flooding.

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Jon Oringer

The founder of stock photography agency Shutterstock nabs the last place on Billionaires’ list, with a fortune in the region of $1.05 billion. New York resident Jon Oringer also lays claim to creating one of the internet’s first pop up blockers and, if stamping out those online nasties wasn’t enough, he is also a certified commercial helicopter pilot with his own helicopter. As Shutterstock shares continue to soar, the future looks increasingly bright for the handsome, dark haired Oringer.

Above we have Mr Oringer discussing his success with Shutterstock:

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Henry Sapiecha


Ariana Rockefeller

Ariana Rockefeller image

A fifth generation member of the most prominent family in the US, fashion designer Ariana Rockefeller – set to come into a fortune of around $2.2 billion – is also a philanthropist and entrepreneur. Majoring in political science and visual arts in Columbia College, Ariana set up her own fashion brand, bearing her name, and now resides in New York where she continues to boost her brand – using materials and production methods gleaned entirely from local suppliers – and focus on charity efforts including Save the Garment District Initiatives.

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Ivanka Trump

Ivanka_Trump image

Having one of the most recognised surnames in the US has surely done Ivanka Trump no harm when it comes to getting on in the business world, but, while she may have had a leg-up, she’s proven herself to be far more than an heiress to her father, Donald Trump’s fortune.

Boasting stunning looks, Ivanka is a successful businesswoman, writer and fashion model, appearing in a number of prime time television shows.

Known for ‘sexying up’ the Trump name, Ivanka has made her family proud with her glittering career achievements – and she’s even found time to become a mother to two

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Holly Branson

holly branson image

Another daughter who has made her billionaire father proud is Holly Branson, offspring of Virgin founder Richard.

Preferring to stay out of the gossip pages, Holly trained as a doctor, earning her degree from London’s prestigious University College and working for the National Health Service at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s neurology department.

Describing herself as ‘passionate about making the world a better place,’ Holly’s biggest test is perhaps yet to come – she will become a mother to twins with her husband Fred Andrews early next year.

Holly, along with brother Sam, will one day inherit their father’s $4.6 billion fortune – in all of its red and white glory.

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Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte_Casiraghi billionaire woman image

Hailing from the famous Grimaldi family, number four on Billionaire’s list is Charlotte Casiraghi, who no doubt owes her stunning looks to her mother, Princess Caroline of Monaco and grandmother Grace Kelly.

As well as a flourishing career as a show jumper, this young royal also has a flair for style – she has been shot by famed photographer Mario Testino for the cover of French Vogue – surely the ultimate seal of approval.

She became a mother in 2013, but still found time to be the new face of Gucci Cosmetics collection, with the fashion house gushing at the time: “Charlotte was a natural choice as she embodies the modern iconic Gucci woman. Aside from her striking beauty, she is sophisticated, successful and iconic.”

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Petra Ecclestone

The daughter of Formula 1 legend Bernie Ecclestone, Petra Ecclestone, along with her sister Tamara, is well known for her penchant for designer clothes and bags, luxury homes and all round enjoyment of the high-life. A fashion designer, Petra launched her own accessories line named Stark and continues to look for new opportunities abroad.

Married to businessman James Stunt, the pair have a daughter, Lavinia, and one of the largest private homes in the US, the 56,000 square foot Holmby Hill, California mansion that previously belonged to the late Beverly Hills 90210 creator, Aaron Spelling.

This eclectic mix of female powerhouses are an inspiration to many – to some for their business achievements, to others for their successful combining of corporate and family life, and to some for their unashamed devotion to designer handbags (ahem, Petra Ecclestone). Whatever your style, these billionaires have something to suit.

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A self-made billionaire, US-based Tory Burch is said to have a net worth of around $1 billion thanks to her work as a fashion designer and business woman.

The beautiful blonde 47-year-old proves that a billion dollar fortune can all be started with a simple pair of shoes – she remains best known for a $200 pair of ballet flats named after her mother, Reva.

Burch’s empire continues to expand – as well as adding fragrance to her line, she also opened a flagship store on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive and began a licensing deal with Fossil in 2013.

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Amanda Hearst

A top  contender in the Billionaire’s list of sexy, moneyed ladies is Amanda Hearst, the stunning great-granddaughter of publishing mogul William Randolph Hearst.

Heiress to the multi-billion dollar Hearst Corporation, this New York socialite, 29, uses her looks and connections to full advantage – she models for Lilly Pulitzer and works as a member of environmental non-profit organization, Riverkeeper. She is also the founder of an organization dedicated to the closing of puppy mills, Friends of Finn, as well as being a spokeswoman for ethical fashion brand Maison de Mode.

Amanda was once rumoured to spend $136,000 on clothes, beauty treatments and other luxurious frivolities by Harper’s Bazaar magazine, however she has always denied this figure.
She once told the New York Times that she preferred to lay low, saying: “I try to stay in line and not be a jerk. I’ve always been conscious that if I really screw up people might notice.

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Georgina Bloomberg

GeorginaBloomberg image

Being the daughter of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may have helped Georgina Bloomberg get ahead in life, but that doesn’t mean she has rested on her laurels – far from it. Educated at NYU, Georgina is an award winning horse rider and a novelist to boot, writing two books for young adults centred around competitive horse racing.

Determined to stay away from the salacious celebrity world, Georgina prefers instead to focus on her work with a number of a charitable organizations and her interest in baseball – she is a lifelong Knicks fan.

Heiress to an estimated $11 billion (AU$12.5 billion) fortune, Georgina is now a doting mum to son Jasper Michael Brown Quintana with partner Ramiro Quintana.

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Sara Blakely

Another self-made woman on our Billionaire’s list is Spanx founder, Sara Blakely. This powerful businesswoman – said to be worth $1 billion – has legions of female (and likely male) fans across the globe, but has yet to finish changing the way in which women wear their clothes.

Indeed, the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire has many more ideas in the pipeline, including the roll out of denim to her unstoppable line. A line of retail stores in East Coast malls have also recently been created by the busy Blakely, proving that billions can be made from a gem of an idea in a Florida bedroom. Building up the business from scratch, Blakely had no financial backers and had to beg hosiery mills to create her product. Of those tough early years, this impressive businesswoman recalls: “I did not have the most experience in the industry or the most money. But I cared the most.”

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Vanisha Mittal

vanishamittal_image billionaire indian lady

Vanisha Mittal, the daughter of Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal and heiress to his $16.5 billion fortune, is seemingly far more focused on charitable work than on the glamorous side of being a young, female billionaire.

A graduate of the European Business School and the University of London, Vanisha has overseen a number of major charity schemes including a project in India which worked to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of rural towns.
Sadly for men across the globe, Vanisha married in 2004, enjoying a celebration befitting a billionaire – a rumoured $60 million wedding to investment banker Amit Bhatia. Held at the 17th Century Chateau Vaux le Vicomte, special guests included pop princess Kylie Minogue.

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Henry Sapiecha


Henry Sapiecha

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