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Presenting to YOU the visitor an easy fun way to gain information on many topics in the sciences and inventions over time. Both older & newer inventions and discoveries

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This site is endeavouring to source factual scientific data and invention material that will enhance your experience and knowledge base when visiting this site for your information.

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Anecdotal, documented and governmental, as well as scientific papers & articles will be made available to you for your interest and research in whatever forms located and categorize them herein after they are made user friendly first by our team..

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Wherever we can, some humour will be used where appropriate without detracting from the factual and sometimes serious nature of this beast

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An Indiana Jones feel to the site is what we are aiming to achieve for the archaeic quality

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Hope you take advantage of this site, use and enjoy it as much as you can.

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Until next time. Life is such an adventure, Share it with others.

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Henry Sapiecha + Girls Munich Gem show
Henry Sapiecha – CEO. visiting Munich Germany in 2007