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I have recently received an intriguing email from a total stranger.

He titled it to arouse interest and I responded promptly

He used it to get response for a promotion he was doing. We here at

ACBO CALL CENTRE have used his example now to attract your most

valued subscription to our promotions and newsletters

We receive thousands of emails a week via our email system.

Very rarely do I get to answer all the emails for the day swiftly or if at all sometimes.

timing as well as subject matter played a great part in his unique effective approach.

We here at ACBO CALL CENTRE really value you as a subscriber to our news

and promo flyers and try at all time to offer you the very best of deals/info available.

We would dearly like you to give us permission to forward to you from time

to time various items of possible interest that would improve your financial

status as well as your lifestyle, health and family life..

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Our full newsletter format is currently being developed and when finalized

we all hope you will enjoy it for the content, benefits and promotions it will

proudly deliver to you.

We invite your constructive comments and input at all times.

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Love to have you with us

What a beautiful day

Warm regards

Henry Sapiecha C.E.O