1. Be Your Own Boss – Build a Successful Business, Not Just an Income Stream

  2. Being an employee for life is not likely to make you wealthy. Working for someone else only makes the employer richer. Unfortunately, the ‘system’ is not designed to make you wealthy.Being your own boss and building a successful business will enable you to earn more money and create wealth than you ever could by working at a ‘job’. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying – ‘job’ stands for ‘just over broke’.

    Building a successful business, a lifestyle freedom business, allows you to have independence and determine your own destiny. You set your own hours, financial, business and growth goals, and time for leisure.

    Let’s take Internet Marketing for example – it allows you to set up a business relatively quickly with little expense, without overheads, and often from the comfort of your own home office.

    Like all entrepreneurs who have the guts to take control of their future, you need to decide which way is the right way to go. You are the only person you can rely on to get it started and make it happen.

    Success in business is not rocket science. It’s not as difficult as some will have you believe. It takes knowing the difference between what does and doesn’t work.

    Believe me, building a successful business is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Had I known years ago where my business journey would take me, I probably would have arrived at where my business is now much sooner.

    Here are some more tips:

    • When starting a business, most people focus on generating income and lose sight of their long-term goal of having a successful and ‘sustainable’ business that will provide freedom, independence, wealth and support many years into the future. Keep focused on building a long-term asset.
    • Take one idea and build it up until it is successful. Then go back and decide on what to do next. Keep your focus to the finish line.
    • The no.1 question is – where can I win? Position yourself in a place where you’re going to win. Look for the gaps in the market and the market in the gaps.
    • Listen to the marketplace. Listening is one of the greatest skills an entrepreneur can acquire. This, plus creatively and quickly satisfying the need/s in the marketplace is the secret formula to creating money on demand.
    • Get clued up on how to build a successful business. Don’t stay clueless. If you find you’re missing a key piece or pieces of information to get your plan going, go get that information. Go in search of what’s missing.
    • Invest in your financial and business literacy.
    • Become an avid observer of the things that propel some entrepreneurs to create major success while others do nothing but struggle.
    • Then take the next step – it’s not enough just to keep learning, you must Take Action, Massive Action. Yes, get the knowledge, but then promptly put it to use. Freedom comes from taking action. Deal with the information overload and move forward one-step at a time.
    • Focus on progress rather than perfection. Just do it! It’s exhilarating
  3. Posted by Henry Sapiecha22nd Feb 2010