Australian Association of Angel

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The objectives of the AAAI are to:

  • Promote ethical and efficient angel investment and angel syndication in Australia.
  • Promote the growth of angel investment in Australia, including encouraging and informing the establishment of new angel groups.
  • Define best practice for angel investor members in an Australian context.
  • Disseminate information on and access to formally recognised syndication models.
  • Be a source and channel for information and education of angel investors and entrepreneurs seeking angel investment.
  • Represent the interests of angel investor members in Australia as a peak body in dialogues with governments, peers and industry.
  • Represent members internationally in dialogues with peers, industry and governments.
  • Act as a channel for information and opinion from members to form the basis of advice to Government.
  • Assist with, and direct, research into Australian angel investment activities.
  • Organise and hold an annual summit conference on topics relevant to members.

The Australian Association of Angel Investors Ltd (AAAI) is the national association for Angel investors founded in 2007. We

  • Provide a voice for Australian Angel investors;
  • Offer professional education and provide other relevant information; and
  • Implement programs of interest in the sector,

to build a professional community of Angel investors and to enable our members to be more successful investors.

The fundamental tenet for AAAI and its members is that by enabling our members to be more successful as investors, more entrepreneurial businesses will be successful and our members will derive greater returns from their investments. This success will then encourage members to continue to invest in similar activities, thus promoting increased and ongoing investment and a sustainable “virtuous cycle” of investment driving the Australian innovation economy.

Since establishment in late 2007, AAAI has:

  • Delivered Annual conferences in 2008 (Canberra) and 2009 (Brisbane)
  • Facilitated the delivery of several professional Angel education workshops from the Power of Angel Investing curriculum of the Angel Capital Education Foundation
  • Secured an Australian license for the delivery of the full suite of ACEF PAI workshops and accredited 3 Australian PAI presenters
  • Delivered the first full day PAI overview workshop in Adelaide
  • Significantly raised the profile of angel investing and the AAAI with Federal and State Governments and been invited to several Government roundtable strategic discussions
  • Facilitated the formation of 6 new angel investment groups
  • Collated a significant amount of information that is available for sharing by members
  • Developed and delivered submissions to the Federal Enquiry into the Australian Innovation System
  • Undertaken the 2008 Annual Survey of Angel Investment in Australia – the first comprehensive survey of Angel investment in Australia
  • Delivered a submission to the Federal Department of Industry, Science and Research as part of the CCI initiative post the 2009-2010 federal budget for ongoing support of the development of Angel investment infrastructure

Our goals for the next year include:

  • To facilitate the establishment of more Angel investor groups around Australia
  • To work with the Federal Government to secure infrastructural funding for AAAI and to support sustainable group operations
  • To work with the Federal Government to set up a co-investment fund
  • To organize and deliver the 2010 Annual Conference in Adelaide
  • To organize and deliver in partnership with regional Angel groups and other stakeholders, a range of awareness and education programs to build awareness, recruit members and offer professional education to support our mission
  • To undertake the 2009 National Survey of Angel Investment in Australia
  • To build national and international networks supporting Angel investment
  • To undertake a comprehensive communication program to deliver the AAAI message
  • To build resources and deliver value to our individual members and to support group formation

AAAI delivers products and services to members, groups and corporate and government stakeholders.

Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha